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Sumber Rejeki Farm works in the field of poultry breeding and cultivation of Indonesian local breeds.

We provide a variety of local DOC from Kampung Chicken, Chicken Arabic ( Layer) , Ducks, Quail.

We also help local farmers in the poultry supply and distribution of DOCs, feed, equipments, medicine - drugs and vitamins to support the main needs of livestock.

Sumber Rejeki Farm also sells livestock either livebirds or processed ( fresh or frozen) .

We have a belief, that the local poultry has potential as a strategic commodity that can be compared with other products and also play an important role in improving people' s welfare.

Now, we are focusing in supply and distribution for livestock products ranging from :

1. Kampong Chicken ( live)
2. DOC Kampong chicken ( local, super, arab)
3. DOD Duck
4. DOQ Quail
5. Debeaker machines and spareparts.

. Kampong Chicken ( frozen)
. Peking duck ( freeze) all sizes
. Pejantan chicken ( frozen)
. Quail ( frozen)

Receive shipping to all over Indonesia via land, sea, air.
T: + 62-354-7852528, + 62-21-50207571
M: + 62-8155517772, + 62-8170500321
email: srejekifarm@ gmail.com

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